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The professional rounder machines for pizzerias and bakeries allow you to cut raw doughs intended for the production of bread and pizza. The professional rounder machines and divider-rounder machines transform the dough into uniform dough balls which will be subsequently processed to obtain loaves of bread or round pizza bases.

Using professional rounder machines, dividers and divider-rounder machines optimizes the work of pizzerias and bakeries by shortening the preparation time of the dough.

Wide range of rounder machines for the food & hospitality sector

We have various models of professional catering rounder machines of different sizes and for different uses. Various models of rounder machines, dividers and divider-rounder machines for pizzerias and bakeries, in particular:


Professional rounder machines for pizzerias and bakeries are distinguished by the type of dough they have to process. In fact, we find professional stainless steel rounder machines for soft and medium doughs that guarantee hygiene, safety and longevity over time

Professional conical and V-belt rounder machines

The conical rounder is suitable for processing soft and medium-hard doughs, while the V-belt rounder is suitable for soft doughs.

Our professional rounder machines and dividers allow you to divide and round the dough portions for pizza and bread.


The dividers for pizzerias and bakeries are professional machines for cutting a piece of dough into different parts, both small and large, of uniform shape and weight. Ideal for working large quantities of professional doughs.

Professional quality dividers

The AV Baking professional divider is available in several versions:

Discover all the professional dividers for your premises, provided with safety systems and removable to facilitate cleaning.


The divider-rounder machine is a professional machine that evenly cuts bread and pizza dough related to weight and shape. The shapes obtained from the divider-rounder machines for bakeries will be used for the production of bread products or ‘schiacciate’ (crispbread).

Why buy Italian high-quality divider-rounder machines

The divider-rounder machines for bakeries work the dough without altering the organoleptic properties of the ingredients and without subjecting it to harmful stress. Working in combination, the professional divider-rounder machine allows you to reduce processing times and optimize the work of the operator processing the dough.

Whether it produces round or hexagonal shapes, the AV Baking divider-rounder machine offers a wide range of weights for various needs.