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The professional mixers for pizzerias, bakeries and pastry shops are essential equipment for speeding up and optimizing work on a large scale. In fact, we produce and sell professional supplies in the catering and hospitality sector.

AV Baking technology offers professional mixers of various types, allowing a rapid processing of the dough together with a maximum homogeneity of the mass.

Wide range of mixers for the food & hospitality sector

Among the AV Baking machines we offer various models of professional mixers, in particular:

Spiral Mixers

The spiral mixer reduces mixing times in industrial production. Suitable for any type of dough, it works with an arm called a spiral, which generates pressure from top to bottom.

High quality professional spiral mixers

The AV Baking spiral mixers, like all the others, transmit heat to the finished dough: about 9 ° C for continuous (direct) dough and 18 ° C for discontinuous (indirect) dough. The dough obtained from a spiral mixer for pizzerias and bakeries has less volume than that obtained with other similar equipment.


The professional diving arm mixer is so called because it has two mechanical arms whose movement, circular and vertical, simulates the movement of human arms.

Professional Diving Arm Mixers

In the professional diving arm mixers, it is possible to adjust the height of the arms to facilitate the detachment of the dough from the bowl and from the mixing organs.

Ideal for working very hydrated doughs, the diving arm mixer for pizzerias is suitable for doughs with a good final oxygenation and for obtaining a greater volume when the dough is finished.

The diving arm mixer gives an average amount of thermal heating to the dough and takes 15-20 minutes to complete the activity.