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Pizza Counters


The professional pizza counter for pizzerias and restaurants is now a widespread and essential piece of equipment in professional kitchens. Designed to roll out and work pizza dough, it provides the operator with all the ingredients in the best possible conditions.

Our Pizza Counters integrate the convenience of a workbench with that of a refrigerator. We produce pizza counters with refrigerated cabinets and stainless steel doors.

Which professional pizza counter should you choose?

The choice of a professional pizza counter depends on several factors such as the size, the number of doors. Below are the pizza counter models which we offer:

Pizza counter produced with long-lasting selected materials, manufactured in Italy. According to your needs of space, you can choose the professional pizza counter adapting to the measurements available.

Characteristics of a professional pizza counter

In addition to the size and number of doors, a professional pizza counter differs according to the material of the worktop. There are, in fact, pizzeria work counters with granite or steel tops.

Furthermore, it is very important to have a pizza counter with fridge to keep food such as mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, vegetables and cheeses at the right temperature. The temperature should be between 0° C and 10° C.

Our refrigerated pizza counters are tropicalized, i.e. they can work in environments with temperatures up to 45 ° C, with high humidity levels. Ideal in large hospitality structures.