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Professional refrigerated cabinets for catering allow you to store food in a safe and insulated way, offering solutions with a high yield and low energy content. Quick assistance service and immediate replacement of spare parts.

Top quality professional refrigerated cabinets

Positive and negative preservation cabinets for pizzerias and pastry shops with digital thermostat, automatic defrost and cooling fan. Wide range of professional refrigerators made in Italy in stainless steel, guaranteeing efficiency and longevity.

The use of various capacity professional refrigerated cabinets complies with the regulations in force regarding food preservation.

Positive/negative preservation cabinets

A positive professional preservation cabinet allows food storage between + 1° and + 12° C, a temperature kept by pastry shop refrigerated cabinets, ideal for their type of products.

Preservation refrigerated cabinet

We also have negative preservation cabinets for pastry shops, bakeries and ice cream shops. Equipment that works at temperatures between -25 ° and -5 ° C to keep food and semi-finished products at their ideal temperature.