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Catering 4.0

Catering 4.0 with AV Baking


Who is our CATERING 4.0 project dedicated to?

Our company operates in the bakery sector and produces machines for dough and for the processing line in pizzerias, pastry shops, bakeries, hotels and production workshops etc. We are positioned in a market segment that could be defined as "medium-high".

The majority of our customers, in fact, are mainly:

  • Catering or supply companies that have a high demand for fresh basic products.
  • Companies owning several premises that need to create real production workshops.
  • Real semi-industrial production plants.

The focus of machinery 4.0 consists in introducing an intelligent machine into the production chain of bakeries, not purely industrial, such as large pizzerias or similar catering chains or bakery products, which automatically processes, according to the information acquired in the cloud, through the insertion of raw materials such as flour to be processed, the best recipe including the completion elements (e.g. water), and the best mixing process (e.g. optimal quantity, times and rotation speeds.

What kind of 4.0 solutions do we offer?

We offer innovative and technologically advanced 360-degree solutions, which makes it possible to obtain artisanal doughs with a reduction in costs and processing times.

Our machines for the production of 4.0 doughs are designed and built to perform all the processing steps that precede filling and cooking.

"All this, also in compliance with the interconnection requirements as defined for the Industry 4.0, manageable in a virtual environment through remote access, to be adequately structured. All systems must in any case be certified by an expert, as per current legislation”

Catering 4.0: enter the future with a demonstration

4.0 catering machines can be managed remotely and interconnected with each other. They include several machining programs that can be customized to meet specific customer needs.

In the showroom of our headquarters we carry out demonstrations of our 4.0 machinery connected with our dedicated software and developed exclusively for Avbaking®

This approach allows for the experiment of new recipes, programs and methods of dough processing with the customer, in addition to data management and the detection of any faults or requests for machine intervention.

The production is technological, the result is artisanal.

  • Technical-professional support to implement 4.0 technology in your business.
  • Consultancy on technology 4.0 and all the related benefits through the consultancy of partner companies with decades of experience in the sector.
  • Remote fault detection and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

How does integration take place?

Integration is carried out both horizontally and vertically.

The horizontal type takes place through the integration between the machines already installed, with limited interconnection capacity, and the intelligent mixer equipped with a Cloud platform. The latter, in particular, manages the database and subsequent communication and sharing activities outwards.

The definition standards relating to industry "4.0" and IP-based LAN technology are applied to facilitate integration and communication between machines and the outside world (IoT).

The development platform for machine controls and the exchange platform with the shared database remain to be defined, also on the basis of the mechatronic control systems to be installed; the latter, always in line with a concept of full and simple accessibility, will belong to the DB SQL family.


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